About Us

AKH was established as an individual company in 2022 to be owned by Colonel Muhammad Khader, who has more than 10 years of experience in the field of facilities management to achieve more of his contributions to individual successes as well as to partnerships and foreign investments in Egypt
AKH provides a wide range of services in various sectors and deals with many types of facilities by providing and playing the main role in foreign investment in Egypt, project management and development, agricultural investment services, providing products and equipment, land reclamation, raising the efficiency of agricultural soil, and finding agricultural solutions.
Investing in Egypt yields great profits due to the ability to provide many diverse fields in the Egyptian market.
We provide you with all the facilities and provide you with success and protection for your own project, and we can also find you a partner in your project if you need it.

Sectors of our services

  • Project management and implementation
  • Agriculture Investment
  • Exporting & importing
  • Desalination and water treatment services
  • Water purification and filtration

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